Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Put down the video cam

I disagree with almost every sentence of this video. In short, he says don't put work for big name brands in your book. Your "sneaker" work cannot compare to anything Nike's done so why include it. Don't include work that all your classmates have done, the redundancy is unwelcome. And make sure you have a rounded portfolio, including TV and radio.

Dis. A. Gree.

Yes, you can come up with good student work for top notch brands. I've seen it. And every once in a while, it's refreshing to see that all the ideas in the world haven't been thought up already. Add a fresh, ignorant young mind to a great big well-known brand and guess what? Sometimes an unexpected idea comes out the other end.

One of our current juniors did some rockin ' spec work for Guess shoes that blows away anything that brand has done it a long while. It happens. And when it does, make sure it's in your book.

No, I don't care if your book has the 15th version of Motel 6 Ads that I've seen. I understand that you get school assignments and, well, everyone else in your class got the same exact assignment too.

No, I can't understand TV spots from a junior. No offense, but they probably suck. And moreso, are difficult to comprehend from storyboard frames. Ditto for radio. Stick to the stuff juniors get assigned.

Put work in your book that you are proud of and feel great about. Put work in that shows off your creative talent in the best capacity possible. No matter what the brand or assignment.

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Kris Kennedy said...

Just wanted to take a quick second to thank and further encourage the great insights that you are bestowing upon me and my peers. Since I got the email from my school about your blog, i've been checking back at least twice a week. And it is great to hear what the pros on the receiving end actually think of us school folk when we approach ya'll for jobs. Super helpful, indeed. Just wanted to let you know that people are reading what you have to say. And people do appreciate it. Thank you. Keep it up. And have a rockin' weekend. I know mine will be...I'm seeing Stevie Wonder tomorrow. Tight.