Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes, Atmosphere Matters

After a lot of years working at an ad agency, I take for granted the very cool atmosphere within which I work.

Unique Artwork - Check
Ping Pong Table - Check
Funky Wall Graphics - Check
Bright Paint Colors - Check
Dogs Afoot - Check
Amazing Patio - Check
Punching Bag - Check

Yea, coming to work at such a cool place doesn't suck. We say we need a creative environment to inspire creativity. But really, it's just plain fun. My friends who work at other substantially less fun offices are jealous.

This short video showing the walls of Toronto-based BizMedia being livened up a bit is equally as cool. (Thanks @AdBuzz for sharing!) And helps to prove that yes, atmosphere matters.

Hey Apathy! Wall Mural from BizMedia on Vimeo.