Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Glamour Don't #572

Dear unknown cell phone user, please don't text my cell phone asking for a contact name. I appreciate you signing your name, though unfortunately I didn't recognize that either.

To me, a text is urgent. Or at least urgent-er than a phone message. So I am not sure texting a creative recruiter or creative director on their cell is such a good idea. Unless you are a candidate accepting an offer of employment or telling me you are going to be late for an imminent interview, I don't understand the urgency. 

Now, had this been an actual phone call to my cell, I'd have been surprised but certainly wouldn't have hung up on the person. I may have even given them credit for being ballsy to call me on my cell, rather than on my office number. A stranger's text to me is a tiny bit intrusive.

Though after being taken aback by this text, I wondered why was it that this startled me? Was it surprise at a stranger having my cell number in the first place? Was it shock at blanking on their name when perhaps I really do know them and in fact gave them my cell last weekend at a dinner party?  Was it that I am just from a different generation and texting is an exception rather than a rule. Maybe anyone of these. 

Use this as a guide. If a recruiter or creative director didn't personally give you their cell number, best not to text it. Give them a ring instead.

p.s. to my texter: The person to contact in HR is Christine Hays. She can be reached at 949-754-2000.

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