Thursday, December 23, 2010

Year in Review

Nearing the end of a year always means a collection of year-end lists. Best Ads of 2010, Worst Dressed of 2010, Top Tweets of 2010 and, the one I am certain everyone looks forward to, Top Advice from a Creative Recruiter of 2010.

1. Don't take credit for someone else's creative work.

2. Beware what you say in an exit interview.

3. You as a person is just as important as you as a creative.

4. Link your portfolio to your LinkedIn profile. Please.

5. Know when to move on.

6. You will run into that A-hole again. Be nice.

7. There just might be more to life than a job in advertising. Just might.

Enjoy my year in review and have a wonderful holiday.
Cecilia Gorman

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