Friday, January 7, 2011

Wouldn't you want to work here?

I saw this in a job posting a while back and it really impressed me. 

"We also want to know what you’re passionate about. Art, music, history, volleyball, family, the environment, whatever. We’ve found that those that are truly passionate about life make everything we do better. This is a fast-paced agency, but we share real friendships within the office. We bring the company together with a catered lunch every Friday, monthly happy hours and the occasional chili contest. We’re a real team. And together, we’re developing world-class marketing, advertising and technology solutions for our clients."

There are a couple of reasons why I love what they wrote. First, they clearly say your passions (read: outside of advertising) are of interest to them. I always tell this to students and juniors. Hiring companies just want to know what else you bring to the table, because it's those interests that truly reveals who you are.

Second, they give clear clues about their office culture. Heck, it made me want to apply. 

Fast pace + friendships = we're rocking and having fun
Catered lunch + chili contest = we take care of our people while having fun
Team + world class = we have a clear mission and want you a part of it

You sure don't get this kind of detail in every job posting you see, but man, doesn't it help? 

When you get a better feel for the type of place you are interviewing, you have better chances of matching yourself to the right place. Now if every office had catered lunches, happy hours and a genuine interest in hiring passionate people,  job searches would be a piece of cake!

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Lauren said...

Sounds like the perfect place. I think I could curl up and find myself at home at this place.