Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Either way

Before I write this, know that I wholeheartedly can go either way on this. Sometimes I yell out, "No, never." Other times, it's "Ok, cool."

Jr. Art Directors who can write. I know you've seen it. A portfolio filled with art direction, design and. . . copywriting samples. Folks, I just don't know what to do with that. Sometimes I just want to stick to the point and see how you can art direct. Help me out here. I'd love to know how other creative recruiters feel on this one.

Recently a jr. art director was in showing me their book. Amidst were radio and tv scripts. (ignore the fact that I am retarded and pretty much hate reading scripts from jrs). That day, I was only in the mood to accomplish what I set out to do: find a good jr. art director. I didn't want it muddled up with a half-writer. Do I judge their copywriting abilities with equal measure? Do I not consider them if their writing sucks?

I guess that's why I prefer online portfolios labeled by section. That way, if I am focused on just art direction that day I can choose not to look. Or, when I am curious and have the time I can see what other talents this person might bring to the table. There may come a time when I need them to bang out a headline or two and I full well know that writing ability would come in handy.


Anonymous said...

i think you hire the person and let them do what they want to do. they'll be happier and more productive, and when half the writers in the office are out with swine flu and you've got 2 hours to finish a hot project, your junior might be able to save your bacon.

Russell said...

Wouldn't the agency, industry, and client benefit more from the hiring of an individual with broad creative range? The ADs who can write and the CWs who have an eye are the future creative directors in this world, are they not? The real questions when searching shouldn't be to find the best art director, it should be to find the best creative mind who understand advertising and go from there. Especially now, anyone can write something and have it seen, anyone can make a video, and anyone can download Adobe products.