Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spare Me

I highly dislike Carbonmade as a place to house your creative portfolio.

The navigation stinks. If I have to click 100 times up, down and sideways to see all your work, I guarantee I stop after about 25 times (and that's generous).


keva said...


I thought I was the only one. Thrilled to hear we are of the same ilk. My team and I cringe when we get yet another creative candidates submission with just their CB link.

If I had 3 of me, I just might start my own on line portfolio site.

Enjoying your blog. Check mine out as well. Find all the goods here: tkdainc.com

- keva dine

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Do either of you have a site you'd recommend instead?

Cecilia Gorman said...

I don't know the names of any pre-packaged portfolio sites, sorry about that. A pdf would be better in my opinion.