Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is, by far, the most unique portfolio website I have seen. Ever.

I instantly want to know more about this guy. After all, isn't that the only purpose of a portfolio website?


max said...

This is the weirdest site I've ever seen. I first saw it referenced on Twitter with a big "huh" from Ernie Schenck. He said the first person to tell me what this is gets a new car. I'm waiting for my wheels. Anyway, I found it interesting and I'm glad you have a respect for creativity in all it's bizarre forms.

Matt Blogkaz said...

you are dead on with this site. By far the most innovative ad work site I have ever seen!

Matt Blogkaz said...

Love this site, by far the most far out presentation of your work and who you are. Unbelievable!