Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The London Project

You gotta love ingenuity in the face of desperation. Six Creative Circus students are nominated for D&AD pencils and really, really want to travel to London to attend the show. But that really, really costs a lot of money. Money they don't have.

Check out this video that leads you to their website called The London Project. A pretty cool idea to get people rallying around their fundraising efforts. Or at least to get people like me talking about their brilliant idea.

Made me smile. And take a look around my office to see what I can send them; I narrowed it down to my 3-foot-high dancing chimp sign.


lancedavidthomas said...

the Cecilia! you are amazing for doing that for us.

-from the creative circus team

PeggyC said...

Yikes! The site has exceeded it's hit limit. BUY MORE SPACE!! I'm dying to see the site.

Cecilia Gorman said...

Site's back up and running.