Thursday, March 26, 2009

Would you file job jackets?

I heard about a junior opening the other day: creative assistant/copywriter. It made me wonder which unemployed junior writers out there would take a split responsibility job like this. Yes, you'd have the opportunity to write a few things but you'd also be doing a bunch of administrative duties. Filing job jackets, booking travel, doing expense reports, that kind of stuff.

Wouldn't every hand go up for a job like this? Foot in the door. Great agency. Chance to develop as a writer. Sounds fantastic. Yet what happens when the admin starts to outweigh the writing? Or when you have a conflict between a writing deadline and a meeting fiasco you're expected to solve immediately? That's really tough. Which takes precedence? Would an aspiring creative be able to handle this conflict of priorities?

Just something to think about. As our economic climate keeps changing, I'd imagine jobs will continue to morph just like this into dual-role positions. Agencies will have to accomplish more with less people. Especially at the junior level. Everyone will be expected to contribute in multiple ways. Even creatives.

Know this environment will serve you well. Getting experience in multiple roles is a very good thing. You'll learn more. You'll learn it faster. And, you'll have a stronger foundation to build the rest of your career on.

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