Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I feel for you

I am starting to realize that what I consider standard manners, might not be what everyone else does. I say this with regard to responding to candidates who contact me about potential jobs. Now granted it may take me weeks upon weeks, but I always do my very best to respond. At the bare minimum, the standard "thanks for sending, no open jobs" response. But most often, I take the time to look at their work and give genuine feedback.

Who wants to contact an agency and never ever hear back? This small courtesy is the same small courtesy I'd want if it was me. God forbid I ever have to look for a job. As if it isn't depressing enough to be unemployed in this economy, let alone hearing nothing from the companies you contact.

This morning I got a note back from a junior designer I had emailed last week. My note said thanks for your book, the work is nice, no jobs on the horizon. Based on his response, I could tell he was floored to hear from me. He wrote, "Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I will say that at times one does feel like they are placing their hopes of any future into a black hole known as the internet."

He goes on to say that while he gets bummed not hearing back from people, he understands the "futility recruiters see of informing me of what their non-response so clearly communicates." Basically, it's the belief that a candidate should assume that no reply means no interest.

Well, MY belief is that no reply means I don't really care that you contacted me in the first place. Yea, all recruiters are incredibly busy. Yea, they get about a billion joe schmoes knocking on their door. And yea, a big chunk of that billion suck. Despite all that, don't you think every candidate should be treated with respect?

The experience a person has with me (over the phone, via email, in person) translates to the experience they have with Y&R. I represent the company. And if I never respond, it's a reflection on them. It's the whole Faberge Organics mindset. That one candidate will tell two friends how (nice/bad) they were treated and then they'll tell two friends and so on and so on.

If all these people are talking, and my name is involved, pretty sure I'd want it to be nice.


Lovegrove Island said...

I only know one other recruiter type who feels this way, judging from who writes back and who doesn't. It's good to see you know you're representing the company, no one thinks of it like that.

A company that has people contacting them out of the blue and asking to work there is lucky and should take it as a compliment no matter what.

And we're all busy. Everyone is busy. Either recruiters think it's part of their job or they don't, and most definitely don't. So good job!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Manner count!