Saturday, February 14, 2009

When I Grow Up

Someday I am going to start an ad school. Not one with 2- or 3-year programs, nor one that aims to compete with the likes of Brand Center, but one that offers select, relevant courses that can be taken individually.

After reading about this school, The Mission, I was inspired. Success in a school model like this comes a few ways:
1) in it's ability to expand and retract with enrollment. The school won't offer a course if it isn't filled to capacity, as well, they don't have the overhead of a bricks and mortar building. Classes are held at the agency of each instructor.
2) in the competitiveness of their pricing. I am hearing stories of many, many ad school students dropping out of their 3-year programs due to financial issues. A problem that's not going away anytime soon.

As an alternate to committing to an $85K degree, The Mission, and schools modeled like it, is a great option. You could take a concepting class or two. You could already be working in the industry (the classes are all offered at night). And you could start or enhance your education without a major time and money outlay.

Sounds great to me.

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