Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Chuckle

A little laugh in response to a blog entry written by an Italian web/graphic designer. The author lists the 20 most creative resumes he's seen recently. A collection of stand-out-ish resumes clearly intended to set a candidate apart and communicate uniqueness. Neat stuff.

And then a response by someone (in what industry I wonder):
"These look awesome, but I think they’re rather impractical. I think most employers want one page if possible. And I also think the download-able CV should be black & white. You don’t want to make someone use up their color ink just for your resume. Seems wasteful. With those restraints in mind, I think it presents a better challenge, to make your resume be artful and stand out in a more conservative way."

If I read her comment with no context, then yeah, I might not wholeheartedly disagree. But after checking out these resumes and seeing how cool they are, it just doesn't jive. A candidate must stand out! Really, is there anyone in the entire world who cares if .0001¢ of color toner is required to print it out? Now if I was a technical recruiter or in HR at a bank, one of these resumes might (slight on the might) raise an eyebrow. I'm sure dimension and color don't come across their desks every day.

But, I'm not. I work in a creative industry within which they are trying to get hired. I understand how quickly you have to get a recruiter's attention. As well, I can appreciate multiple pages, dimension and the use of lots of color. Your differentiation is imperative. I'm sure if you're hired, that .0001¢ will be paid back in spades.

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