Monday, February 23, 2009

Quarter of a Quarter

I'm cool with a student being absent once. Kinda cool if they're absent twice. Kinda not really cool anymore when it happens a third time.

In one quarter, we're talking 11 classes, missing 3 weeks of class just isn't right. Honestly, I take it personally when a student doesn't show up. Not that I'm imparting the secrets of the Holy Grail upon them, but I do believe in any class the lecture is important. Why else take it? The core of what's being taught happens during the lecture; the teacher illustrates course principles through example, experience, presentation. Anyone can read a textbook and never show up for class. Not sure in today's competitive market, you'd want to be that anyone.

I certainly cannot question the validity of the reasons: traffic, sickness (theirs, others), work, funeral, neck pain, extended vacation. That's just life happening. Though I am wondering how missing a quarter of a quarter multiplied by however many times it happens affects someones education.

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