Thursday, November 14, 2013

There is PLENTY of money to be made...

There is plenty of money to be made as an advertising creative.

I guarantee you that.

If I hear one more junior/student/person say you can't make money in advertising I might scream. Where are these people getting their information from - a state fair fortune teller?

Your uncle or grandpa or dad's friend's brother is not right. Whomever is telling you that you cannot be successful and make money in this industry is dead wrong.

Folks, as a recruiter, I have seen salaries over the years, lots and lots of them. They are good, great, stellar even.

Below are salaries I have personally seen or heard of (in thousands). Granted I am sure there are exceptions that are less and lots more that are even higher...

Junior anything - $30, $35, $40, $45K (heck I even hired a junior in a time of desperation for $52K).

Mid anything - $45, $55, $65, $75K

Senior anything - $80, $85, $95K

ACD - $95, $100, $125, $140K

CD - $135, $160, $185, $235K

ECD - $185, $225, $350, $400K

Who cannot live on this amount of money? The Kardashians?!

Recently someone was lamenting a decision to go back to school and follow his true passion in copywriting. He said his dad's friend (who apparently is in the industry) told him you can't make any money as a copywriter.

True. If you suck.

Not true if you have stellar writing skills, work hard, deliver top-quality work and strive daily for an amazing career.


Chris Martin said...

And if you need more proof, here are the results of the salary survey that VCU Brandcenter undertook about a year ago. You're right: The salaries are there if you can show people you're worth it.

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