Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Time

It's time to admit, I need to update the name of my beloved blog. Confessions of a Creative Recruiter just doesn't hold true anymore. I haven't been a creative recruiter for almost two years now.

Five years ago, a good friend knew I liked to give advice to young creatives aspiring to be in advertising and he suggested I start capturing the advice in a blog. I couldn't imagine having something to write about for more than a few weeks. Ha! That certainly hasn't been a problem.

Yet, my personal branding is all over the place. My Twitter name is @WorkLifeAdvice, My consulting company is Cecilia Gorman Training Services and then this blog with my old recruiting title.

It's time to line it up.

When I think about this blog I realize it is just a place where I can offer advice (to anyone willing to listen) - sometimes it is about getting a job, or keeping the one you have. Sometimes it is about being a better co-worker or a nicer person. Other times it is about what not to do in an interview or a reminder to not have typos on your resume. Just pieces and parts of this thing called life. That's it.

Work. Life. Advice.


(My new blog can be found here... )

1 comment:

andy said...

you've done a good job, for being consistent writing which is a hard thing to do