Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspiration & Your Responsibility to Find It

Last night I gave a talk at Chapman University, as part of their Visual Arts Speaker Series.

One of the points I made was about inspiration and the responsibility of a creative student to continually find sources of inspiration. You can only concept ideas from the contents that currently exist in your brain. If you do nothing to increase those contents, well then, your ability to think up new and innovative ideas is somewhat limited.

But, those who travel more, read more, research more current trends, watch more of the best ads, solicit different points of views, eat at different restaurants, and generally indulge in random and varied activities more, those folks will be the ones who have a wider (and way more interesting) foundation to extract new ideas from.

In this interview of John C. Jay, Global Executive Creative Director and Partner of Wieden + Kennedy, Mr, Jay echos the same thought that creatives have an obligation to search out sources of inspiration. He says, "As a creative, it's your job to stay current. It's your job to make sure you look outside your own silos."

He also talks about his time working at Bloomingdale's under a CEO that made seeking out sources of creative inspiration a top priority. Have a watch of this video, you'll be jealous of Mr. Jay's early experience I'm sure. I am.

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Melia said...

Hi Cecilia,

Great video!

Absolutely agree wholeheartedly about taking charge of our own personal growth, as well as inspiration. This does not solely apply to creatives, but can be applied even to the planning side, which I am interested to get into.

On a side note, I have been going through all your posts from 2008, and they have all been really helpful and insightful.

Thanks for sharing!