Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey you, pay my way!

One way to get into an advertising or design school is to have someone else pay for it.

Check out this scholarship being offered by Langara College in Vancouver.

2011 Rethink Scholarship at Langara Call for Entries from Rethink Canada on Vimeo.

Their site says:
We think it's important to nurture young talent. That's why we teamed up with Vancouver's Langara College. Together, we offer one aspiring art director or designer the chance to win a two-year, fully paid $18,000 scholarship to Langara's Communications and Ideation Design Program.

To apply, students are asked to fill a classic black sketchbook in any way they want. Or take it apart and rebuild it into something totally different. They simply need to convey their ideas, passion and creativity using only the black book. We then judge the sketchbooks to award the scholarship.
You got nothing to lose by entering. Except a free education.

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