Friday, April 29, 2011

A Creative Way to describe a Creative School

The way an advertising or design school advertises itself must prove incredibly difficult. They have to prove the are worthy of calling themselves creative in an ever-increasingly competitive space.

Have you heard of Hyper Island?

"The Hyper Island Master Class is an intensive three-day program for professional focusing on how to create efficiency within your organization and using interactive media as a tool for achieving high growth and ensure long-term success. 

Hyper Island offers the Open Master Class in Karlskrona (Sweden), London (UK), New York (US) and Los Angeles (US)."

I kinda want to go. Especially after watching this cool video.

Hyper Island On a Wall from Hyper Island on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Random questions:

When looking for junior talent, if a Chief Creative Officer/ECD loves your work, but the creative manager isn't so impressed, who has the say in hiring?

Also, when reaching out to these busy, email bombarded creative managers, what's the best way to connect with them? Especially when both email & phone is a failed connection.

Cecilia Gorman said...

The decision to hire should always be 100% unanimous between ECD and CM. You are kind of out of luck if the ECD loves your work but the CM doesn't. If the ECD was adamant about you, I am sure he/she could override the CM. But oftentimes, the CM knows more about workload, type of projects, daily job requirements at the junior level than the ECD, so that becomes more the CM's choice.

When reaching out to crazy busy CM's and email and voicemail isn't working. Try a cup of starbucks. Or a plant. Or some other unconventional tactic that gets their attention in an offbeat way. Heck, I was just sent a pirate's eye patch along with someone's portfolio.