Monday, February 28, 2011

Couple of Tips

Couple of important tips for creatives, I may have mentioned a few of them before on Twitter (@AdSchoolAdvisor).

* You gotta put a link to your portfolio on your LinkedIn profile. I guarantee you are missing out on opportunities if you don't. See us recruiters are generally lazy and we won't take that extra step to email you/link with you/call you and ask for your portfolio. This goes for Creative Hot List as well.

* Include a note with your LinkedIn request. Please. I don't know you, and still don't if you drop me an anonymous request. Just a one liner is fine, but I really am not interested in people who can't include a few words to introduce themselves.

* You gotta have a digital portfolio. End. of. story.

* When you are checking back in with a recruiter, always remind them of what you are (copywriter/art director), and include a recent link. I am amazed at the volume of notes I get that don't have either. I don't have that good of a memory that you can rely on me remembering you from a year ago.

A whole lot of recruiters and I appreciate you taking the time to following these tips!

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