Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Making me smile

I want to be 20 again. I mean really, wasn't there so much more freedom at that age? Or so I thought at the time. I want to be 20 again so that I can Sharpie my intentions on a cardboard sign and hitch my way through a life-changing road trip.

That's exactly what Santiago Cosme and Victor Blanco, two ad students, have done. This kind of stuff gives me the hugest smile. I'm tempted to put in for a quick vacation and meet up with them in Dayton. Check out their site and help them out. Or at the very least cheer them on. Guts, determination and a streak of wildness are all things this world could use a bit more of.

"Hi everyone. This is Santiago Cosme and Victor Blanco, two advertising students who have just landed in NY to follow a dream: to make it to Colorado, home of Crispin Porter.

For us, Crispin Porter is the Mecca of creativity, and as men of faith we have decided to set up on a pilgrimage to prove our devotion.

As exemplary students, we are skint, we don’t own a car and we have very little underwear, but we have a dream and hope that just like every pilgrim, we will find big-hearted people to help us. Any food: a burger, a banana, even dog food; any transport: car, rickshaw or a donkey; any place to sleep, with or without a roof, will be the kind of help we need to make those 3200 kms seem short.

So please, follow us and check where we are at any moment, because only with your help, will we reach the end of this road called dream.

Thanks. See you on the road.

Santi and Victor.


matty nads said...

On the road to glory.

I send you big props and imagine you have even bigger creative chops to make your creative dreams come true.

Will check out your site and see how I can help you guys out. If by chance you end up in the can for (whatever) reason feel free to call me direct: 203-727-7008. That's my cell, and i'll try like hell to bail you out;>

When my best friend and songwriter partner were your age - we hit the road as Roadies for the Ramones - the best thing we EVER did! They were the music Mecca for two teens from queens. But that's another story.

The journey to great advertising happiness starts with guts, you guys got 'em in spades. Can't wait to see your ink flow. Go cats go!

Gabba Gabba Hey,


Cecilia Gorman said...

Suddenly I want to be Matt!

Ramones roadie. Not much beats that in the coolness category.

Noah D said...

Hmm... I think i prefer a more meritocratic system.