Thursday, August 12, 2010

How it's done

Recruiters seldom get to see the "making of" someone's book. Occasionally, a creative will include their initial sketches or comps to illustrate how they got to their final idea. But that's only occasionally.

I find it fascinating to see how ideas are created. Did you ever see the making of the Sony Bravia Play Doh spot? THAT, my friends, is too cool.

This video by one of my new found juniors, Santiago Cosme (of pilgrimagetocrispin fame), is equally as cool. He shows the creation of one of his ads. I'm loving it because I never get to see how someone comes up with something, I only see it when it is done. It's a great peek into creativity.

Have a look.

BLUENOTE - We don't sell music. We sell souls. from santiago cosme on Vimeo.

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mattynads said...

Nothing jr about this cat's mind. Love the use of the old school music as well.

gabba gabba hey,