Friday, June 11, 2010

Glamour Don't

Let me stress this point, and if I've written about this topic before you'll now know why I feel this is so important.

Do not. Do not. Do not set up a portfolio website where each individual piece of work has to be opened separately (translate: slooooooowly).
This is killing me.

I've stepped up the amount of portfolios I have been looking at this past couple of weeks, so I am seeing all sorts of varieties of portfolio websites and how people feature their work. If anyone one wants to make a fortune, they should interview 10 creative recruiters, ask them what the best portfolio format is, then sell that as a template to the entire creative community.

Back to the don't. Some people (who shall remain nameless) show pdfs of every piece of work they have done in thumbnails. Then you click on the thumbnail and the work pops up and enlarges. Just the one. You then have to click that pop up closed and click on the next pdf. And so on, and so on.

Some of you are smart enough to have a similar set up but when you click open one, there is a magic NEXT button and you can click through the entire set of work. Thank you for that.

It is exhausting to click each file. On top of that, there are some where the pdf doesn't just pop up it kind of pops up a gray box that magically resizes it self before your eyes, then the work shows. Multiply this by 10, 15, 20 pieces of work and you'll get my drift.

Make showing your work easy for the recruiter. There are 100's more books they have to look through and don't make frustration be the reason yours gets tossed.


Aron Fried said...

Good to hear it from a seasoned pro!

I just recently used a great portfolio site called cargocollective that's super easy to navigate.

Btw your site is a great resource. Will definitely pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great advice! My site is one of those where you have to open each pdf separately. I will definitely fix that on my site.

Anonymous said...

Making it so you have to look at pdf's or each piece of work, bad. But showing your work as thumbnials that you can click on and off of, not bad. This is poor advice you are giving.

Cecilia Gorman said...

I want to click through work at the pace of turning a page, however that gets accomplished is fantastic.