Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Show it

A simple reminder about interviews.

Exude interest: in the company, in their work, in actually wanting the job.

Exude personality. You'd think this would be a given. But, interviews are nerve wracking and sometimes you forget to just relax and be you. Remember your personality is what defines you from the next candidate. If an agency has asked you to come in, they already like your work and now it's just about you as a person.

Exude interest. Wait, I already said that.

Exude passion: for learning, for the industry, for creating great work.

We recently interviewed a young woman who, at first glance, seemed quiet and reserved. Once she began showing her work, she lit up. She was descriptive about each piece in her book and clearly proud to talk about her ideas. Not only that, but she expressed whole-heartedly her genuine interest working at our agency. And with every subsequent contact I've had with her, she reiterates how much she'd like the position. Add that to her very strong talent and she got herself an offer.

Personality, passion and pursuit. It all adds up.

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