Friday, May 24, 2013

Capital G Grateful

It is so easy to get caught up on what your work doesn't provide. Much harder to grateful for what it does.

Didn't get that day off as planned? Yet, you get free breakfast on Fridays.

Didn't get the hugest raise? Yet, you can bring your dog to work.

Working some long hours for a few weeks? Yet, your work has a free gym.

Bummed you didn't get recognized for that great project you did? Yet, your company holiday parties are pretty legendary.

Complaining about the size of your desk? Yet, you play foos ball/ping pong/pool whenever you want.

Snarky that you have to travel on a Sunday? Yet, you can crack open a beer at 4pm and nobody minds.

Be Capital G Grateful folks.

We all work in creative, cool, fascinating, amazing places.
NOT like a lot of people.

We can express uniqueness, ideas, craziness daily.
NOT like a lot of people.

We arrive to work at 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30, whatever.
NOT like a lot of people.

Before you bash the don't's. Pause for a second about the do's. There are so many stuffy industries that are so unlike ours that we should be grateful for the mere fact we get to go work each day.

In the grand scheme of life, the simple gratefulness for your participation in this world of creativity and advertising is worth so much more than a foot more of cube space or an extra day off.

Capital G folks, Capital G.


Emma V said...

Great advice. It's easy to forget how lucky we are... I will try to remember this every day I get to go to work. Thanks Cecilia!

Rick Jensen said...

As a 1-year veteran of Advertising (Razorfish NYC) and a 3-year veteran of media jobs in the South, the workload is the same.

But you're actually treated like an adult here! You can't beat advertising for its perks: flexible hours, smart people, and amazing opportunities!

Stephen Smith said...

Fair comment actually. I've been guilty on focusing on the missing pieces of the puzzle, rather than being thankful for all the perks I currently enjoy.