Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One Word on Leadership

I'm working on a Leadership presentation and wanted to start simple. With just one word.

What single words can I use to talk about the foundation of leadership, the traits of leaders, and the path to start you on your way to leading?

Here's the first.


First and foremost believe in your ability to become a leader. Whether you feel like you are worthy of it yet or not. You must believe in your own potential. I liken it somewhat to that book The Secret. In The Secret you wholeheartedly envision things (your potential) constantly and visually, then they happen. Same here with leadership.

Believe that one day you will lead people. Believe that you are worthy of followers. Believe in your own great potential. Above all else.

Even if you are a student in college or a mid-level worker bee. If leading teams is what you truly want to do, who is anyone else to get in the way of you visualizing that destiny? I can tell you that without belief in yourself, it is much, much harder to obtain.


Louise Wainwright said...

Leaders are generous. Give of your time, share your insights, and give credit where it's due. These 3 traits will garner you followers and in that way, you become a leader.

Love the posts, Cec. Wish I could hand out here all day and chat with you on these thought-provoking topics!

Cecilia Gorman said...

Louise, I am going to steal that one. Love it! Miss you :)