Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take the Stairs

I just finished a good book called, "Take the Stairs." It's written by Rory Vaden, a motivational speaker, and has a few good nuggets of advice about getting to success in your life.

Take the Stairs basically means most of don't take the stairs, we look for the escalator. We look for the easy, lazy way purely out of habit. Taking the stairs is a small outward gesture that reflects an inner commitment to stop doing things the easy way.

Other ideas from this book that I loved and are worth repeating:

1) Be the Buffalo - When a storm hits, cows run away from it. Cows then end up running in the same direction of the storm, prolonging their exposure to it. On the other hand, when a storm hits, a buffalo turns and runs directly toward it. Their exposure to the storm is lessened when they hit it head on.

Think about it in terms of the problems you face at work. Most of us act like Cows. Run away and run fast! Right?

A simple reminder to Be the Buffalo is what we all need. Turn and face a problem, head on and right away. The problem is addressed quicker and goes away faster.

2) Do it Scared - The author included a story about a women trapped in a high rise during a fire. She is terrified of small spaces and refused to exit the building down the stairwell. Her coworkers can't convince her to go and she ends up resigning herself to die because she cannot face her fear. She'd rather die! A fireman finds her and she still refuses to leave, telling him she's scared. "That's OK", he tells her, "Do it scared."

Such a simple statement. It acknowledges fear and yet forces action. I shared this one with my daughter who constantly answers "I'm too shy." Whether she is meeting someone new or asked to speak in front of her class, this is her standby answer. Now she's got a different way to face it, "Do it shy."

Myself, I battle with the things I simple don't want to do. I procrastinate those to no end. Perhaps now I can say, "Do it even though I really don't want to." It doesn't have the same ring to it, but maybe it'll get me to do a few of those things that I have been dreading.

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