Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Art Center + Team One = Cool Stuff

I love when an agency truly embraces inspiring artistic ideas. Nice work Team One!

"Team One recently collaborated with Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design to transform our everyday white walls into a canvas for artists. In partnership with Art Center’s creative leadership, we launched Space Monkey, an exclusive, semester-long curriculum designed to transform our philosophy of “launching new ideas into the world” into student-created works of art. The course – managed by the school’s trans-disciplinary studio program – is an upper level course for students from different majors to collaborate on and execute unique art concepts. Taught by artists Mark Todd and Christian Clayton, the inaugural Space Monkey course featured 15 students from the college’s illustration, photography and advertising majors.

Throughout the four-month semester, students worked with Team One creatives to develop and pitch their recommended art installations. Space Monkey was the first opportunity for most students to work with a “real-life” client. Students proposed 19 distinct ideas, six were selected, and over three weeks during July and August, Team One’s hallways, collaboration spaces, kitchens and lobbies were transformed into canvases of creativity and energy."

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