Friday, November 5, 2010

Mix it up

With regard to creative portfolios, I try to express the virtues of being just a bit different in order to stand out. For you, it helps to establish a bit of differentiation from the next candidate. For me, it breaks up the monotony of looking at a billion books.

Kudos to Nick Ciffone for providing something just a bit left of an ordinary portfolio website. Nick sent me a link to his YouTube page, his entire book presented via couple of short videos. 

First, it is always fun to see someone's face in person and hear them talk. You can't really do that unless you have an in-person interview or chat with them over the phone. Very helpful to get a glimpse of Nick without all the hassle of setting up a meeting. Next, I was able to sit and "watch" his portfolio without having to click through pieces and parts. 

I appreciate the short explanation of the work, the music and seeing the visuals scroll before me. Refreshing format, which I am sure a lot of recruiters like me appreciate.

1 comment:

glasgowdick said...

While I like the idea of youtube for the presentation, that music had me running for the stop button.