Monday, May 4, 2009

Pop Culture Engineering

Miami Ad School differentiates itself with its tagline, "The School of Pop Culture Engineering". Sounds cool. Sounds current. Sounds like they get it.

This is what their website says: Miami Ad School students win more awards than students at any other school in the world because our students are exposed to the latest in global pop culture. They learn all the crazy trends, fads and forms of communication.

Crazy trends, fads and forms of communication. I read that and it made me want to go there. I write this as a word of advice to check what your ad school's tag line is. "Tag line" as in what do they stand for? What do they proclaim loud and clear that they are going to teach you? And, does it sound current and like they get it?

The times they are a changin'. Make sure you are being taught (whether at school, on the job, or elsewhere), the strategies shaping the future landscape of brands and advertising media.


theVagabond said...

So I shouldn't have passed up acceptance at MA for a jr. copywriter spot. Damn.

Cecilia Gorman said...

That's a tough one. Real job or ad school? Pretty certain you made the right choice.

alfred lamoureux said...

Great to see this term circulating as it will soon morph into.............
Sitting at Dunkin' Donuts sipping my small coffee
with 2 hits of cream + one fake sugar, I am
re-drafting for the 16th time, the course outline that I teach in 3 weeks at the Miami Ad School.

Wait, what if.....