Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cecilia is. . .

. . .not using Facebook for business contacts. Do I really need my advertising connections to see that "Cecilia is wishing it was Friday"? Or worse, "Cecilia is having a good hair day." Yea, I don't think so.

Facebook is fun. Facebook is addicting. But, my take is that Facebook is a silly friend thing. My rule for accepting friends is whether or not I have met them in person. I bend this rule sometimes but generally it's my guideline.

Business contacts I keep through LinkedIn. It's there that I keep all my work connections and use it to network with people in the industry. I try to connect only with people I legitimately know or would benefit from the connection. People whose name or company I have never heard of I tend to ignore.

With so many social networking sites, it can get crazy to update them all. Twitter is smart enough to feed into Facebook status, that cuts down one entry a day for some folks. Just this week I have received invitations to connect via Plaxo, AgencyScoop, and ooVoo (that's okay, I don't know what it is either). I can't do it. Waaaaay too many sites and updates to keep track of. Plus, as I know we are all so very concerned about, it's time consuming.

I prefer this separation of church and state. Friends. Work. Two sites, two purposes. Decide for yourself how'd you would like to communicate with the world. One site or five, just have a purpose or you'll end up diluting your entire network across a slew of different places. Tempting to do, but painful to manage.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you stand on Twitter? You can't beat a good tweet...